Small block Mopar motor plate Dodge, Plymouth

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Motor plates - Add bushed for vibration resistance or solid for more frame strength *

Small Block Mopar Dodge Plymouth Motor Plate.

Magnum Force motor plates can be configured in a number of ways including bushed, solid, power, or manual steering. The bushed version helps isolate engine vibration and still accrue some of the strength benefits that only a motor plate can offer. Solid is a bit stronger and likely to be used in a drag car more commonly. Both versions offer mounts for power steering when using a pump such as those included in Magnum Force suspensions. Motor plates serve a multitude of functions and have many benefits. They are often used to eliminate the stress put on the sides of the block where typical motor mounts are located. When a hard launching Mopar Hemi or Big or Small Block leaves the starting line it pulls so hard on this area that it will very frequently cause stress cracks to develop in the block in the area of the original motor mounts. The cylinder walls can also become distorted, causing irregular wear on the skirts of the pistons. When this unit is split in half it is also often referred to as "Elephant Ears". Our pre-configured, profile milled 6061 motor plates make it very simple to install any Big Block, Small Block, or Hemi into an A, B, or E-body with minimal effort. They bolt between the water pump and block and then sit on top of the frame rails, making the rails that much stronger. Tying them into a pair of forward struts helps triangulate the front end of the car making the rails much stronger and helping to reduce frame twist and distortion. By removing the stock motor mounts, a great deal of clearance is gained for items such as headers and external oiling system components that run directly through that area, especially on Big Blocks and Hemi's. Click here to get more technical data on Mopar Motor Plates***


New! Custom HydroCoating available. Carbon Fiber, Kryptek Typhon, Proviel Reaper, Skullz, Diamond Plate, and more. Custom base coatings available too to create patterns like blue, red, yellow or other carbon fiber. Give us a call if you'd like to talk options, as there are many. We can even custom coat your exisitng parts to match.  Interior, suspension, engine compartment, etc.

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Mopar Small Block motor plates 273, 318, 340, 360


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Mopar Small Block motor plates 273, 318, 340, 360 Dodge Plymouth

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