6-piston 13" Brake Kit For Magnum Force Tubular Suspensions

Part # WIL140-9801



Superlite 6 Piston 13 inch rotors. These brakes will fit Magnumforce Tubular front suspension conversions and Mustang II style spindles. Superlite 6 Big Brake Front Hub Kits are engineered as complete assemblies for conventional pin, non-ABS front spindle applications. Billet Superlite 6 piston calipers, PolyMatrix brake pads, forged aluminum hubs, machined aluminum hats, and 13" SRP or GT directional vane rotors exemplify award winning style and provide the ultimate in Big Brake stopping power. Born from Wilwood's 25 year tradition of building championship brake systems, SL6 Big Brake kits are the perfect compliment to wheel, tire, and suspension equipment upgrades. Billet Superlite 6 Piston SL6 Calipers SL6 calipers are pure performance featuring a fully CNC machined billet body with closed end bridges and a reinforced bridge to body transition. Center bridge body bolts provide additional strength and positive retention of the pads. These elements combine as an ultra-rigid body that resists separation and deflection under high load. Driver comfort and confidence soar with immediate response from a very firm pedal. The SL6 generates high clamping force and balanced pad loading from a race-proven differential bore six-piston configuration. Staggered piston sizes distribute pressure to compensate for the natural variances in temperature, load, and wear rate that occur over the length of the pad. Pad life is extended and performance is measurably improved. Stainless steel pistons are used in all custom show and sport performance applications for their low heat transfer properties and high resistance to corrosion. High temperature, square faced piston seals provide long service life in extreme environments with positive piston retraction on release. Stainless steel SRS bridge wear plates eliminate pad gouging and extend the service life of the caliper. The spring-loaded action of the SRS plates also eliminates pad rattle and dampens the vibration harmonics that contribute to pad squeal. Fluid tubes are dampened to eliminate vibration stress and recess mounted for protection from track debris. SL6 calipers bear Wilwood's signature and a high luster black anodized finish in a style that will catch the eye and win the favor of the most discriminating enthusiast. Forged Billet Aluminum Hubs Forged aluminum hubs are unmatched for strength and weight savings. Premium grade alloy billets are forged into shape under high heat and pressure, then CNC machined for precise fit on each spindle application. Hubs are complete with bearing races installed and shipped with new bearings, grease seals, screw-on billet aluminum hub caps and 1/2-20 RH grade 8 wheel lug studs. GT Series Rotor Hats GT aluminum hats are lightweight and strong to handle the exceptional brake torque generated by the SL6 Big Brake system. The hats are specially designed for use with the forged aluminum hubs. Wilwood's signature appears on a high luster black anodized finish that prevents corrosion and enhances the overall appearance of the complete package inside the wheel. SRP or GT Series 13" Rotors Large diameter vented iron rotors provide substantial increases in cooling and stopping power over small diameter OE rotors. All Wilwood rotors are manufactured from premium grade, long grain carbon iron to provide long wear with high thermal stability and resistance to distortion. The superior heat absorption and dissipation qualities of a vented iron rotor are essential to preventing heat fade and realizing the longest service life from the pads and rotors. For custom, show, and high performance sport driving, SRP rotor kits offer the high-tech look and improved performance of a directional cross-drill and face slot pattern. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the venting and cleaning action of the holes and slots will reduce pad glaze, dissipate surface heat, and minimize irregular pad build-up on the rotor faces. The results are smoother engagement with improved consistency and response at the pedal. Every SRP rotor is treated with a silver zinc wash to reduce corrosion on the areas of the rotor not kept clean by pad contact. GT rotor kits feature Wilwood's ultimate competition rotor with full detail machining, asymmetrical face slotting and individual dynamic balancing. GT rotors run true and vibration free with extended rotor life and pad wear on applications subject to higher sustained operating temperatures. PolyMatrix Brake Pads PolyMatrix brake pads get fast response with high resistance to fade, long wear, and the low rotor abrasion that PolyMatrix is so well known for. Specific pad types and compounds have been selected for each application and are listed in the service parts guide for each kit. Caliper Brackets and Hardware Aluminum mount brackets with steel threaded bolt hole inserts are lightweight and strong. Each bracket is CNC machined for precise fit on each specific spindle. Grade 8 strength or higher nuts, bolts, washers, and alignment shims are included in each kit. NOTE: Installation of Wilwood Disc Brake Kits may affect the wheel offset. Installation Instructions

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6-piston 13" brake kit for Magnum Force tubular suspensions


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6-piston 13" brake kit for Magnum Force tubular suspensions

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