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Early A-Body Mopar Small Block Headers by TTI

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Recommended for 320-575 horsepower
Early A-body Headers by TTI are constructed of 16 gauge mild steel tubing, mandrel bent on sophisticated computer controlled bending machines for precise fit and uninterrupted exhaust flow.  The mandrel bending process maintains a constant inside diameter of the tube for a smoother finish with no restriction of flow and no crimping of the tubes.




TTI mopar small block headers by Magnum Force

1-5/8 O.D. primary tubes / steps up to 1-3/4 O.D. secondary tubes / merged into 3 collectors
Above the steering center link design provides maximum header to ground clearance
3/8 thick laser-cut header and collector flanges, contoured for a leak free fit
Includes 1/16 header & collector gaskets, all mounting hardware and pre-bent adapters for hook-up to your TTI Exhaust Systems




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Available Ceramic Coated or Ceramic coated and polished TTI 636A-C
Installation Instructions in PDF Format "How To"


H E A D E R S   F I T  .  .  .
Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth
at bottom of page
273, 318, 340, 360 A-engines
15, 16, 37, 39a
OEM or
Edelbrock Performer RPM, Magnum
15, 16
15, 16
122 Tooth or 130 Tooth
15, 16
15, 16, 18
90 Angle Adapter or a
Remote Mount
OEM or Milodon
OEM only
OEM only
C o a t i n g  O p t i o n s
FOOTNOTES at bottom of pg

ADDITIONAL FOOTNOTES       29, 30, 31, 32, 33


Milodon Oil Pans - Small Block P/N: 30935, 30936, 30940 & 30941   Big Block & Hemi  P/N:  31010, 30930 & 30931
Will not clear the quick-ratio extended length pitman arm and idler arm.
If your cylinder head is not listed, TTI will not guarantee fit due to clearance issues, ie. Deck height, port locations, bolt pattern.
273-318 A-engines with a 4-speed Standard Trans or the 904 Auto Trans with a 122 Tooth Ring Gear, will require the use of any listed Lightweight Mini Starter -   Chrysler P/N: R53005984, 56027702AC   Mopar Performance P/N: P5249644AB, P5007860, P4286522.
318-340-360 A-engines with a 4-speed Standard Trans or the 727 Auto Trans with a 130 Tooth Ring Gear, will require a
Powermaster XS Torque Adjustable Starter.  Starter available at this link P/N: 636A-9543
Warning:  First Engine Runs - TTI strongly suggests that you use an old set of headers or a set of cast iron manifolds for your
first engine run / cam break-in.  This will insure that you will not damage the coating and void the warranty of your new headers.  Header coating damage usually occurs during the first engine run / break-in when the exhaust temperatures exceed 1200F.  Excess exhaust temperatures are normally caused by excessively rich or lean air/fuel mixtures and/or incorrect ignition timing.
Lightweight Mini Starters can be changed without removing the header.
The 90 Remote Oil Filter Adapter must be used with a 3/4 hex head mounting bolt or you can modify a 1-3/16 hex head bolt by machining to .175 thickness.  Instruction sheet #BO306 available for do-it-yourself modification.
Some Z-bars may require modification to clear header.
Installation of a dual Exhaust System will require modification to the transmission crossmember.  A Modified Crossmember is
available through TTI - P/N: 636A-CM.  Instruction sheet #CMR0506 available for do-it-yourself modification.
Installation of a dual TTI Exhaust System will require removal of the passenger-side emergency brake cable guide bracket.
Oxygen sensor fittings can be welded in each header collector or exhaust pipes upon request, at an additional cost.
Allow additional time, as fittings are installed prior to header coating.  (P/N:  MISC-O2)
Mr. Gasket Crankcase Evacuation System Kits can be purchased through TTI - Kit includes two chrome plated push-on valve cover breathers, breather grommets, check valves and 3-1/2'' long threaded tubes, which TTI will weld into each header collector.  The unused portion of the kit will be shipped to you with your headers.  Allow additional time, as tubes are welded in place prior to header coating.  (P/N:  KIT-EV6002)
To measure your Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), fittings can be installed into the header tubes, upon request and at an additional cost, per fitting. (1/8 pipe female fittings with internal thread)
Fits with Schumacher engine mounts or equivalent.
Factory Engine Location Specifications  K-members are not all identical and the dimensions must be checked to ensure proper fit.  Check your engine location prior to installation of your TTI Headers.  TTI Headers were designed to fit with the engines located to the factory specifications.  If the engine is not located correctly in the chassis, the headers will not fit properly.  If necessary, place shims between the insulator assembly and the K-frame mounting pad to achieve the proper dimensions.  Shim kits and engine mounts can be purchased from Schumacher Creative Services of Seattle, WA (206)364-7151.
63-66 A-body applications:  From the center of the crankshaft to the top of the K-frame, the correct distance is 4-3/4.  The engine is also offset 5/8 towards the passenger-side.  Measure from the center of the crankshaft to each frame rail.  The difference should be 1-1/4.
CERAMIC COATING is a silver matte finish applied to the steel surface to protect against rust and corrosion, extending part life.  Withstands temperatures up to 1200F, reduces underhood temperatures by 50 degrees and will not discolor or blue. THERMAL BARRIER is a protective inside coating which increases part longevity, by protecting component parts from thermal fatigue.
POLISHED CERAMIC COATING is a silver finish applied to the steel surface to protect against rust and corrosion, extending part life.  The polishing procedure is a bead blasting process done to the ceramic coated finish to give the appealing High-Luster look which will not discolor or blue.  Withstands temperatures up to 1200F, reduces underhood temperatures by 50 degrees and will not discolor or blue.  THERMAL BARRIER is a protective inside coating which increases part longevity, by protecting component parts from thermal fatigue.


Order Mopar Small Block Early A-Body Headers Online



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