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New Builds with the gang at Graveyard Carz

1970 plymouth superbird hemi hellcat 1968 Plymouth GTX 392 Hemi

Magnum Force Graveyard Carz Build - 1971 Plymouth Cuda with 3rd Gen Hemi 392 / 6.4

Graveyard Carz Cuda build with Magnum Force


Hellcrate Hellcat and 5.7, 6.1, and 6.4 rear sump pans for use with Magnum Force Suspensions

New rear sump oil pans for Mopar crate engines. 5.7, 6.1, 6.4 AND 6.2 Hellcat / Hellcrate engines

Mopar F J M-body suspension conversion by Magnum Force. Aspen Volare Diplomat LeBaron

NEW Tubular and Modular Suspension conversions for F, J, M-body Mopars Aspen, Volare, Diplomat, LeBaron

Mopar, Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth c-body tubular coil over rack and pinion suspension conversion Sport Fury, 300, Newport, New YorkerMonaco, Polara, Imperial, VIP

 New Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Tubular front subframe conversion for C-body Mopars

Fury, Sport Fury, New Yorker, Newport, Monaco, 300, Polara, Imperial, Chrysler, VIP


mopar tubular C-body upper control arms sport fury monaco newport 300 new yorker

Tubular upper control arms for Fury, Newport, Polara, Imperial, VIP, Sport Fury, New Yorker, Monaco, 300, Chrysler


Mopar Dodge Chrysler Plymouth C Body disc brake conversion kitMopar Dodge Chrysler Plymouth C Body disc brake conversion kit

NEW Mopar C-Body Disc Brake Kits 65-72 Newport, New Yorker, 300, Fury Monaco Imperial, VIP, 880



Plymouth Cuda Barracuda Mopar Subframe Connectors

Plymouth Cuda / Barracuda Mopar Subframe Connectors

mopar tubular control arm carbon fiber coated closeup mopar tubular control arm carbon fiber

New coatings

A-body mopar subframe connectors

A-Body Mopar Tubular Subframe Connectors  -  Dart

Magnum Force Pro-Link rear suspension for Mopars

A-Body Mopar Pro-Link Rear Suspension - Dart, Duster, Demon, Barracuda

Magnum Force A-Body Transformer Modular Front Suspension

A-Body Mopar Transformer Modular Front Suspension

New Products

   Magnum Force Transformer Modular Suspension for MoparsMagnum Force Transformer Modular Suspension for MoparsMagnum Force Transformer Modular Suspension for Mopars   A-Body available now!


 Mopar_billet_replacement_shocks  Stock replacement billet aluminum single and double adjustable shock absorbers for Mopars  Rear billet shocks for Mopars

Full Contact Rear Leaf Spring Perches

Mopar Leaf Spring Perches



New 14" front disc brakes with Magnum Force Mopar Spindles!

Put BIG Brakes, BIG bearings, and BIG ball joints on your Dodge, Chrysler, or Plymouth Muscle Car


   Mopar Books Suspension Chassis Brakes  Mopar B-Body Perfomance Upgrades.


Check out Rich Nedbal's new book "How to Build Max Performance Hemi Engines"

  Mopar Steering Columns


Magnumforce T-Shirts

 Magnumforce T-Shirts by Magnum Force

Milodon 5.7 and 6.1 Hemi Oil Pans milodon 5.7 and 6.1 hemi oil pan

 Wilwood BIG 13" rear brake kits with Billet Superlite Forged Calipers for Dana 60 and 8-3/4 Mopar Rear Ends- order online!

Installation Instructions


 Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth Leaf Springs for Lowering and Rear Suspension Components




TTI Tube Technologies Inc. Headers, Exhaust systems, Tips, and more!  Top of the line stuff for Mopar owners, and integrates perfectly with Magnumforce suspensions!

 Mopar Tubular Double Rail Subframe Connectors

[HRule Image]

Show and Race Coverage

SEMA Show 2005 A pair of smokin' E-bodies by Street Concepts.

Challenger Dodge MagnumforceChallenger Dodge MagnumforcePlymouth Cuda MagnumforcePlymouth Cuda Magnumforce

SEMA Show 2005 Joe Rogans "Sick Fish" Cuda

SEMA Show 2005 Kenny Wayne Shepards General Lee


Check out the General Lee project that Romine Video is building using Magnumforce Components !


Fastest Street Car in America !

Running Magnum Pro Tubular Front Suspension


 [HRule Image]

TV Coverage

Velocity_channel_magnum_force  Graveyard Cars Cuda Magnum Force  On the set of Graveyard Carz with Mark Worman. 70 Cuda Transformer Installation and dropped leaf springs

Stacey David's Gearz TV Magnum Force Transformer Modular Suspension installation with Stacey David on Gearz TV

Street Customs CudaStreet Customs Barracuda

  Street Customs - A trip to West Coast Customs to install Magnum Force Suspension in Boyd Coddington tribute car Plymouth Barracuda Click to see on TLC's site.




 1968 Roadrunner - Watch "Wrecks to Riches" on TLC's new "Turbo" and see this car come back from the dead. Click here to see the episode on TLC's site.




  1969 Hemi Dart - "Wrecks to Riches" Episode 10 of Wrecks to Riches - Watch the construction of a 1969 Hemi Dart. Click here to see the episode on TLC's site.




 "Frankenstein's Monster" 1971 Hemi GTX

Watch "Wrecks to Riches" on TLC (The Learning Channel) and see us work with Barry and the crew to install our complete Tubular Front Suspension and lend a helping hand to bring a 71 Plymouth Roadrunner / GTX back from the dead.



Goldbergs Superbird Click here to see the Superbird on the oval track and under construction

More video of Goldbergs Bird

YearOne teamed up with Evernham Racing and former pro wrestler/TV host/car collector Bill Goldberg to create an updated legend—a NASCAR Superbird using Magnum Force's suspension system.





On the set of Monster Garage (Discovery Channel) building a Milwaukee Tools, battery powered, drag racing 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air. 1970 Dodge Superbee XRT w/ 426 Hemi - Monster Garage Challenge




American Hot Rod

American Hot Rod - Discovery Channel

 Click here to check out the build at Boyds

Magnumforce on the set to install Tubular front suspension conversion for '63 Dodge Polara - Max Hemi.  Boyd and the guys take on the nonprofit Coddington Foundation's first project: a '63 Dodge Polara designed by Max Cohen, a 17-year-old leukemia patient who will also help build it.  (Shown here in Barrett Jacksons booth at SEMA 2005)




  "Rides"  Tubular Suspension installation on Joe Rogans "Sick Fish" Cuda



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Magazine Coverage


Mopar Collectors Guide January 2014

 Magnum Force Viper Powered ChallengerMagnum Force Viper Powered Challenger

Mopar Collectors Guide July 2006 Issue 1970 Super Bee.

[HRule Image]

Magnum Force on the cover of Popular Hot Rodding 11-2008

Inside feature on page 78

[HRule Image]

Mopar Collectors Guide March 2008 Top Ten New Products of 2007

Magnumforce Double Adjustable Tubular Upper Control Arms

[HRule Image]


Joe Rogans Sick Fish Cuda

Build Book Featuring Joe Rogans "Sick Fish" Cuda.  Extensive coverage of Magnumforce Suspension Installation

[HRule Image]

Mopar Muscle Feb. 2006 Pg.51 "Corner, Hook, and Whoa" Bring your Mopars handling into the 21st Century.

[HRule Image]

Mopar Collectors Guide - Three of the "Top Ten Mopars for 2005" Use Magnumforce Suspension and Chassis Components

[HRule Image]

Mopar Muscle July 2003 Tubular K-Frame Tech Article pg.76

Mopar Collectors Guide Feb. 2003 page 60 Top ten products of 2002 A-Body tubular k-member conversion

Mopar_collectors_Guide_top_ten.jpg (40665 bytes)  Issue Cover Photo


Mopar_Colectors_Guide_sept.99_k-mem.jpg (43673 bytes)  Issue Cover Photo


Mopar_Action_Aug_99.jpg (45828 bytes)  Issue Cover Photo


Car_Craft_Control_Arms.jpg (40649 bytes)  Issue Cover Photo


wpe1.jpg (161758 bytes)  Issue Cover Photo


Mopar Collectors Guide - Feb. '99 pg. 9 

Mopar_collectors_Guide_feb_99.jpg (70075 bytes)  Issue Cover Photo


wpe2.jpg (157883 bytes)  Issue Cover Photo


PHR Cover Tom Rhodes Challenger.tif (1229940 bytes) Issue Cover Photo


PRI Cover Photo.jpg (100393 bytes) Issue Cover Photo


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