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Mopar Dodge and Plymouth spindles
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Mopar 2 inch dropped spindles A, B, E, F, J, M, R-body (PAIR)
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Mopar 2 inch dropped spindles A, B, E, F, J, M, R-body (PAIR)
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Mopar 2 inch dropped spindles A, B, E, F, J, M, R-body (PAIR)
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MFR 192000 Mopar 2" Dropped Spindles. A, B, E, F, J, M, R-body (PAIR)

Magnum Force Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of the first one piece extreme duty dropped spindle for the Mopar muscle car from 1962 to 1976. Designed by Magnum Force and based on the big bearing, big ball joint 1973 and up spindles so commonly sought after by Mopar enthusiasts, these new beauties are made in the USA and allow the utilization of stock brake calipers and rotors as well as Magnum Force’s incredible Magnum Force/Wilwood offerings of four or six piston calipers with rotors ranging from 11” to 14”. They are even pre-drilled for Wilwood's Pro Series brakes so NO hole enlarging and tapping required. Use Magnum Force upper control arms and they can be bolted on to your early 62-66 A-body as well as late model 67-up ones too! For all A, B, E, F, J, M, R-body owners, just add a set of brakes and lower ball joints and you have a complete assembly that bolts right to your existing lower control arms!  Manufactured in the USA using grade 1 ADI, resulting in a tensile strength of 130,000 psi, and far exceeding the 60,000 psi rating of most factory castings. Advantages realized using this process include: • Yield strength, toughness and impact resistance superior to many cast/forged steels • Vibration dampening and heat transfer superior to other ferrous/non-ferrous alloys • Significant weight savings over steel castings/forgings • Increased fracture and fatigue strength.


Chassis Id
A '60-'62 Valiant/Lancer, '64-'76 Valiant, '64-'69 Barracuda, '64-'76, Dart, Duster, Demon, Scamp, Sport, Swinger
B '62-'64 Savoy, '62-'64 Fury, '63-'64 330 and 440, '62-'64 Polara, '65-'76 Coronet, '65-'74 Satellite, '68-'75 Road Runner, '66-'78 Charger, '67-'74 GTX, '62-'70 Belvedere, '69-'71 Super Bee, Cordoba to '79 '75-'78 Fury, '77-'78 Monaco, '78-'79 Magnum, '75-'79 Cordoba, '79 300
C '65 Dodge 880, '65-'73 Polara, '65-'74 Fury I,II,III, '65-'76 Monaco, '75-'77 Gran Fury, Newport, '65-'78 New Yorker, '65-'78 Newport, '65-'71 300, '74-'75 Imperial, '66-'69 VIP
D '57-'73 Imperial
E '70-'74 Barracuda/Challenger
F '76-'80 Aspen, Volare, Road Runner, RT
J '80-'83 Cordoba/Mirada, '81-'83 Imperial
M '77-'89 Diplomat, Caravelle, '77-'81 LeBaron, '82-'89 Gran Fury, '82-'87 New Yorker 5th Avenue, '88-'89 5th Avenue, '82 New Yorker
R '79-'81 New Yorker, St. Regis, Newport, New Yorker 5th Ave., '80-'81 Gran Fury


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2 inch drop spindles
Considering the price of used spindles online, the price of these 2 inch drop spindles isn't bad. The machine quality is perfect, and had no problem assembling them. Using 15x6" Torque Thrust wheels with plenty of clearance.
Drew Mitchell
Mopar 2 inch dropped spindles  A, B, E, F, J, M, R-body (PAIR)


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