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Mopar Tubular / Modular front suspension conversions
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Mopar Transformer K-member Conversion B E-Body
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Mopar Transformer K-member Conversion B E-Body
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Mopar Transformer K-member Conversion B E-Body
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MFR161054 Mopar B&E Transformer K-Member, coilover, and rack and pinion suspension conversion for 60-74 B and E-Body Mopars.

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Just when you didn’t think it could get any more bitchin’, this latest offering from Magnum Force is the first of its kind to offer Mopar owners the opportunity to remove their massive original suspension and front frame/k-member assembly and replace it with manual or power rack and pinion steering, externally adjustable coil overs, a beefy carbon steel K-member, massive bushed, greasable lower control arms, 4130 tubular upper arms with 4130 Chromoly, Kevlar lined rod ends, 1-1/4” swaybar, and a veritable plethora of brake kit offerings all the way up to 14” rotors and 6-piston calipers. Geometry changes improve areas like bump steer, camber change, and side scrub while knocking off nearly 100 lbs from the front end of your car. Getting rid of the stock steering box, pitman and idler arms, center link, and torsion bars greatly increases header clearance and custom oil pan offerings giving 7-9 qts. of capacity WITHOUT hanging under the k-member so you won’t peel it off on a speed bump!  Disc brakes listed below under options are for 73-up Mopar spindles such as Magnum Force Dropped units, however we can accomodate other stock spindles with big disc brakes as well!


One stop shopping for your Mopars rock solid foundation!



  • Increased side loading ability
  • Increased header clearance
  • Increased oil pan clearance
  • Save weight
  • Improved ride quality
  • Better appearance
  • Can use existing Magnum Force tubular upper arms
  • Can use stock spindles and brakes. (73-up listed below but other spindle types available here.)
  • Small brakes or big.

  • Red, black, or polished calipers.

  • Sway bar or none.

  • Motor mounts or motor plate. 

  • Power or manual steering.

  • Single or double adjustable coilovers.

  • Stock spindles or dropped. 

  • Powder coated or steel finish. 

  • Matching headers and oil pan. 

  • Forward struts or shock braces. 

 Buy one piece at a time or seriously trick out your Mopar all at once!



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Item Options
Stock style motor mounts
Brakes (73-up) others available.
Spindle type
73-74 B-body owners
Rack and Pinion options
Powder coating options
Coil over options
Motor plate - Add bushed for vibration resistance or solid for more frame strength
Forward Struts
Caliper color
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Mopar Transformer K-member Conversion, coilover, and rack and 
pinion suspension conversion for 60-74 B and E-Body Mopars.


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