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Mopar Big Block and Hemi Gear drives
Big Block Mopar and Hemi Gear Drive
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Big Block Mopar and Hemi Gear Drive
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Big Block Mopar and Hemi Gear Drive
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Even though Milodon Gear Drives are designed for "All Out Competition", they work equally well in street
applications . When installed properly, these units will virtually last indefinitely due to the wear and their overall brute strength. Cam timing accuracy and consistency are the key to accessing 100% of the cam's available power. A timing chain or an "easy to install" $150 gear drive unit can not provide this.

Milodon's professionally proven "Fixed Idler Gear" system is capable of maintaining the precise cam timing required to allow the release of this power. Cam timing adjustments are effortless to perform via the two piece cam gear and cam hub assembly that is accessible on the Full Cover Style Assembly through the removable billet cam cover. The adjustment is achieved by changing the position of the cam gear on the cam hub. A simple bolt-on procedure with no offset dowels or keys to mess with. Each movement is detailed on a provided chart which gives the exact position for the desired amount of advance or retard, once top dead center is found.

A professional style three gear unit, unlike a four gear type, does not rob any power from the engine to run. The billet steel gears mounted solidly to the block, will not and can not, allow the timing to vary, unlike a flexible belt or chain. These factors add up to increased horsepower output and higher RPM potential.

  • Allows precise camshaft degreeing using Milodon's adjustable bolt pattern cam gear and hub assembly. 

  • Incorporates a full cast aluminum front cover with a removable cam cover that allows quick and easy access to the cam gear for adjustments and cam removal. 

  • Mounts the fixed idler gear solidly into the main cover itself. This fixed idler system will fully compensate for any crank position, even if the block has been severely align bored, without any sacrifices. 

  • Uses positive cam end play adjustment and a three-piece roller bearing behind the cam gear to control cam movement, reduce power-robbing drag and stop block face wear. 

  • NO block machining is required. Hand tools are required to drill and ream the positioning dowel pin hole which, with care, can be done at home. 

  • Available in the standard "flat cover" configuration which uses a stock style water pump or the "injected / blown with fuel pump drive" style that does not use a stock-style water pump. Blown engines will require a fuel pump extension (see that section for a complete listing). 

  • For Small Block Chevys, stock factory and Milodon short pumps fit over the 12000 drive with the hardware provided. Big Block short water pumps will not fit over the 12600 drive without additional spacing.


Big Block Mopar and Hemi Gear Drive


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